Welcome to the magical world of inSpirographics

On this site you'll be able to create a unique set
of Spiros with a webapp build by Jan Abrahim Vos.
A balanced algorithm penetrated by the characters of your name
is used to create 25 variations, all unique and only for you.

One reality in all its forms


My first computer was an ATARI 800XL 🙏🏻 This computer ran on an operating system called BASIC, the first programming language I ever tried to master.

I was immediately fascinated by the possibility to have a drawing appear on the screen just by code. It's 1979 😀

We have gone a long way and all this time it didn't let me go and I kept on experimenting with the newest possibilities.
It is so magical that the computer can choose by herself what to draw. I just provide the options and margins, the algorithms... 🙂

Now 40 (FORTY!) years later I am a lot further and proudly able to present:


i n S p i r o !